Personalized Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 15x15cm
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Personalized Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Wipes

Custom designed cleaner. Upload your logo or send by email with your order ID.

Size: 15 x 15 cm 
Custom logo Colour printed
Cloth Type: Microfibre
Usage: iPhone, iPad, Mobile phones, Computer and laptop screen, lens, eyeglass, sunglass
Production: 7 Business Days

Can you wash a microfiber lens cloth?
You can wash the cleaning clothes by hand. 

Is a microfiber cloth good for cleaning glasses?
Microfiber cloths are dustproof. That's why they are the best way to clean glasses.

How do you clean cloudy eyeglass lenses?
Use your fingers and carefully spread the soap over the surface of your lenses. Rinse the lenses clean of soap with warm water, and you're ready to move on. Wipe your glasses with your soft cloth. After applying your cleaning solution, you can take your soft cloth and wipe your lenses dry in gentle, circular motions.

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