You can advertise your company with car air fresheners by hanging the auto air freshener around the back view raise reflection of the auto to appreciate a fragrant ordeal inside the auto. Car air fresheners are accessible with different sorts of smell to spread a solid whiff inside the auto. This item has an expensive and more extensive space so as to engrave the logo and brand name of any association on the two sides and therefore featuring the brand name in a reasonable and more extensive way. As the name recommend Custom, so the auto air freshener can likewise be produced by the size and state of your organization's logo and design. 

Packaging Method: Nylon

Shape: Any chape free cost 

Item Material: Paper 

Item Size: 49 sqm

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Alfa Detailing
Awesome printing quality. We have requested custom shaped car air fresheners with our logo. There was no charge for double-side printing and custom cut. We will place an order for other promotional items soon. Thank you
We had been looking for a reliable car air fresheners manufacturer since 2015 until we met with This is the 3rd order that we made and we received perfect smells and printing quality everytime. Additionaly, we asked for some samples of other promotional products and they sent the samples in our air fresheners box for free! We didn’t expect that and we are so grateful. It has been an absolutely pleasure to work with eOffset Printing & Promotions and a proffessional approach to providing cost effective items.
London Insurance
Lemonade and coconut smells are so good. We are so happy with your service and will try the other smells too.
Pro Car Detailing
I ordered 5.000 pcs custom car air fresheners it is great quality Lemon scent is very fresh. Lasting time is around 20 days. Thank you guys awesome !
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