Ce Certified EN 14126 Non Woven Protecting Clothes Disposable Coverall
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Attribute Value
Size Standard Women - Standard Men
Reusable/Disposable    Disposable
Material Properties PP Laminated, CE Certified, Non Woven Particle Resistant, Radioactive Particle Resistant, Splash Resistant
Style Coverall
Gender Men
Chest Size 115 → 124cm
Material PP
Closure Type Zipper
Colour White
Length 186 → 194cm


EN 14126 Protective clothing against infective agents manufactured in Turkey.

Manufactured and Shipped from Turkey


General Feature
Breathable, lightweight and flexible material for exceptional wearer comfort
Particle-tight and spray-tight
Free of paint wetting impairment substances and silicone

Consider the use of coveralls.

Coveralls typically provide 360-degree protection because they are designed to cover the whole body, including the back and lower legs, and sometimes the head and feet as well. While the material and seam barrier properties are essential for defining the protective level, the coverage provided by the material used in the garment design, as well as certain features including closures, will greatly affect the protective level. HCP unfamiliar with the use of coveralls must be trained and practiced in their use, prior to using during patient care.

In the United States, the NFPA 1999 standardexternal icon specifies the minimum design, performance, testing, documentation, and certification requirements for new single-use and new multiple-use emergency medical operations protective clothing, including coveralls for HCP.

Use of expired gowns beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life for training.

The majority of isolation gowns do not have a manufacturer-designated shelf life. However, consideration can be made to using gowns that do and are past their manufacturer-designated shelf life. If there is no date available on the gown label or packaging, facilities should contact the manufacturer.

Use gowns or coveralls conforming to international standards.

Current guidelines do not require use of gowns that conform to any standards. In times of shortages, healthcare facilities can consider using international gowns and coveralls. Gowns and coveralls that conform to international standards, including with EN 13795 and EN14126, could be reserved for activities that may involve moderate to high amounts of body fluids.


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